Monday, October 29, 2012

happy halloween!!

we celebrated our first halloween this weekend as a family of four! nothing as crazy as my mum's victorious win of best individual best-dressed award
(so proud of you, mummy!) 

but we had our little party at home 
and dressed the boys up for a photoshoot.

inspired by zorro, here our baby as a fierce bandit!

 psst... his secret bandit name *drumrolls* MORRO!
(you geddit, don't you?)

we really wanted both of them in one shot! but they were both behaving like divas. 
morro didn't like his mask on! but we bribed him with some biccies! 

then, he needed a nap!

then BORRO woke up.
but wasn't in the mood for his pictures to be taken at all.

and wouldn't tolerate having his mask on!
(which is the funniest thing ever!)

then borro and morro both passed out for the rest of the afternoon. 
and peace was restored in the world.

the end.

p.s. we felt like terrible parents trying to slip on masks on our squirmy babies.
note to self :: no more headgear/eyewear until they're older. 

p.p.s. hope you had a more eventful halloween! 



  1. wow your mom's costume is crazy!!! wow! zorro and borro are adorable~ it's too bad they don't like masks because they both look so cute in them!

    1. isn't it!? she obsessed over the right hair and right make up for weeks! :) but i think it turned out wonderfully! :)

  2. Your mom is friggin rad!!
    LOVE the outfits and the pictures of Blakey with his eyes open!!!!

    1. doesn't happen very often. or rather.. when it's open he's usually creating some cranky ruckus!

  3. Oh, I can finally Blakey with his eyes open. He's so handsome. Hilarious pic of him swaddled with the cape!

    1. he was soooo squirmy! we had to swaddle him down! (yups, we're officially the worst parents ever!)

  4. adorable costumes!!! Love it. You put a smile on my face :)

  5. Ah! I didn't realize the little one was here! Soooo adorable!

  6. every one of Blake's pics is making me go 'AWWW...' he's so cute! hang in there! kids are really fun after they turn 3. but just when they do, u start to think 'hey, wasn't he/ she a baby, like just yesterday...?' and you start reminiscing about the days when they r just babies. parenting - well who said it wasn't baffling? ^^ enjoy the journey! *hugs!*

    PS: your mum totally deserved the win!

    1. awwww thanks thats so sweet!

      i can't help wanting to fast-forward to the fun 3 part! but im sure i'll miss his babyness! i'll go hold him more now!

      thanks for your sweet comments! they really made my day!


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