Thursday, October 25, 2012

spring clean

as part of our relocation, we tasked ourselves to clean out my bedroom at home. 
we both love that space dearly but unfortunately have neglected it in the last few years
which is such a shame!! 
because we really like hanging out at home with my folks.
so a major spring clean was in the order!

before the blog, i used to faithfully pen my thoughts into paper diaries in colored pens.
and they are so hilarious to read. 
but since the blog, i've found myself writing here more. 

one of my last few posts in my paper diary detailed a string of flirty sms-es between me and daniel. 
the content is too mushy to share!!
but look what i threw in at the bottom of the page! :) 

and i totally still like him now! 

so i put that back into the memory box!!
totally legit, don't you think?



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