Friday, September 14, 2012

one rule we live by ...

... we always have a bottle of champagne in our fridge. 
for a special occasion...
and we always find ourselves with a good reason to open it.


our good friend once said 
"there isn't a better sound in the world than the popping of champagne."

such wise words! :) 
have a lovely weekend, folks!



  1. I agree!! Nothing happier than a champagne cork popping! Second to that is a wine bottle opening. After that, laughter? But much easier to accomplish the latter after first accomplishing the 2 formers!

    1. nicer when shared with pals! we struggle to finish a half bottle at home! so wussy!

  2. Ha! We always have a bottle in fridge too... and even have gold rimmed glasses coz i'm OBSESSED with gold!


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