Monday, September 17, 2012

oh! now i know...

the husband enjoys a good game of tennis.

back in the days, i thought i'd pick it up so we can play together
so we signed up for private classes...

so he'd love me more. 

but i was hopeless. 

classes always started out nicely. 
then once the coach starts shooting balls at me, it would go haywire.
on a good day, i'd lose half his balls* to the river (we played on the water..)
then he'd tell me to take a break and i'd pick balls while the husband played.

and on a not so good day, i'd throw a tanty (at the husband) and demand to know why im even trying to play if he wouldn't aim the ball in my direction. sometimes, i'd get upset cos he DID aim the ball in my direction.

it was a confusing sport...
 {all pictures from here}

but now i know!!

the reason why i was so hopeless is because no one invested in such cute tennis gear!
how is one meant to play if i already look like a ball girl from the start!!

very well, daniel.
you know what to do if you want a tennis partner again! :)

*is it just me or does this sound vaguely dirty?
i've reworded it a bazillion times. 
and it just gets dirtier..


  1. hahaha! even if you can't play tennis, people won't notice your tennis skills because this outfit is too cute!


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