Thursday, September 13, 2012

good things :: my ma

last week, my daddy was out of town on business. and i promised to check on mum. 
so the first thing i did was to call her asking, 
"do you miss your husband?"

"urm.. ya. but hey! i can't talk. 
i have auntie lynn over and we're practicing our lady-gaga make up for halloween." 

i nearly died laughing. 
all i needed was to inherit a little bit of her fairydust and im set for life.
daniel says when he met my mum, he instantly knew how i turned out so special..

p.s. in case you were wondering, this picture was taken while couch-shopping...
 she insisted on plonking herself in EVERYONE of my pictures! :) 

oh how i love my mum! 



  1. your mum is so adorable!

    aren't we mummy's girls? :P

  2. Lady Gaga? Whoa.. your mom is way cool!!!

    1. oh you have no idea! :) last year she was a greek goddess with a blonde wig! insane to the membrane!


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