Friday, August 24, 2012

our little space to be ...

exciting we've recently found our new little apartment! 

the actual viewing process was not too painful because we're pretty easy people when it comes to making decisions. all it took was a 15 min coffee and we signed on the dotted line. c'est tout. but the searching process was excrutiating and something i don't look forward to revisiting in a few years when we're ready to buy!

*grabs a huge pink eraser and scratch that off my memory*

anyhow, what this means is....
the fun part kicks in! 
we're at the decorating stage!! 

by "we", i mean "me" obviously. because the husband has made me solemnly promise this home won't be TOO done up. to declutter our lives. to prep for two crawling messy needy little things. to save money, to make space for his music/bike/sporting/massage chair-ness. to focus on the people not the material.

so i solemnly promised.
but a few things and a couple of DIYs can't kill right?

i mean... we don't own anything baby yet. plus who can resist a cosy bed with way too many color-coordinated pillows? :)

when looking for this apartment, something that kept popping up is the "dream house". 
in the years we've been together, we've discussed this many a times. unfortunately, our ever-changing concept of our dream house is not within our current means (and location). apologetically, the boy wanted to find something as close to a dream house this time...

 {images from pinterest | source}

but oddly enough, all i can think of in my dream house now is a cosy little nook our pals can come over to hang out, craft and nibble on some yummies.. somewhere we can all crash into at the end of the night with our little fluffy (and non-fluffy) babies
and smother each other with cuddles and kisses.

everything else pales in comparison.

p.s. im most cuddley when snuggled in a comfy couch with super soft throws..
just sayin'...



  1. yay i love being the first to comment! :)
    congratulations on your apartment... i am hoping it's not 5 minutes away from me though because i live in the boondocks. can't wait to catch up and send my love to muu and the mister please x


    1. hi babe!! :)

      if you're still in the same hood, we're not 5 mins apart! :) but maybe from your work!!! extra hugs from the boys to you! see you real soon! xx

  2. It's always fun doing house decor ( rented or not) If I ever see u walking mu. I'm defo kidnapping him

    1. hahahah! i'll watch out for you then! :) im sure i'll recognize maki in the streets too!

  3. I love the idea of doing DIY for your home!

    1. me too! :) not sure if i can squeeze in that much time before the bub arrives! but i will defo try!!

      maybe thats what i'd be busy with during confinement!

  4. I love home decor, and home reno stories. Share! :P

    1. i'll definitely try if things work out great!! if you hear nothing.. then you know that we live in a crappy ugly space, huh?



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