Friday, August 24, 2012

in tokyo :: our little "see you soon" dinner

before we left tokes, our pals threw a little farewell soiree for us. we didn't want it to be all emotional, so we requested for something light-hearted and casual. but knowing them, we should have suspected that it was gonna be anything BUT casual!! :)

a travel themed table... how stunning is that!!

with aerial decor above our heads! 
all hand-stitched by ohmyomiyage, who says she doesn't sew!

how cute are the details! those little pennants were watercolored 
and had our names delicately calligraphed on it...

and the food began... 
my favorite pancetta wrapped scallops

baby octopus salad. 
everything was also thoughtfully baby-friendly

a full chunka hunka steak...

pappardelle with duck ragu (his grandma recipe!)
we were sooo honored to be seated at this table with such wonderful people and to have this yummy feast as our last dinner in tokyo was so much more than we could have wished for...

we're so sad to leave our friends (and amazing talents & food) behind. why is there no rule that dictates that friends are legally required to live within 5 mins of each other. someone should have a good think about that!




  1. haha because if we all lived without 5 minutes of each other, we wouldn't be able to travel and visit our fun friends in different countries!

    1. babe! that's SUPER positive thinking! :) but yes indeed! more international trips to look forward to!


  2. you guys sure know how to throw a party.. gorgeous set-up!

    1. them guys! :) we did absolutely nothing but turn up and ate!!


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