Monday, August 27, 2012

letters from doggie :: thirty - three

hi guys! 

i've been in singapore for two weeks now and the verdict... i LOVE it! :) despite all warnings from my japanese friends, the weather is cooler than japan! (mommy's note:: he sits in AC most of the day) but man! these singaporean dogs are really aggro! they love socializing, sniffing up your privates and barking... what's that about?

in trying to settle me into my new life, my folks have been trying to follow the same routine as before. so sundays are for sleep-ins, brekkie and followed by cuddles all day long. 

"what? i get to come along for breakfast? for real???"

"but first, lemme stop and sniff the urm.. grass."

they went to old town white coffee at cine-leisure. and although it was a quiet outdoorsy corner, they had an unfriendly sign that says "no pets"! so they couldn't let me sit with them and had to hide me.

but im too swagged out to let that get me down.. 

we looped down orchard to check out the crowds (papi thinks japan has really changed them, cos for once, orchard didn't seem THAT crazy busy!) and did what everyone else was doing in front of the fountain!

hai cheezu!

p.s. i love it when peeps (usually girls) stop to pat me and give me attention!
muu-hugs are for free!!



  1. Adorbs as always! =) Welcome to Singapore!

  2. Aw, glad to know that little doggie has settled down in Singapore. Not too humid, I hope!

    1. so far so good! he hates having to take frequent baths though! :)

  3. spell C.U.T.E,...too cute doggie:)

    1. thanks willyn! :) he's too cute for his own good!

  4. Whoah! You guys moved to Singapore in the short space that I've been away?! :) All the best and you're gonna have so much fun there!!

    1. we did! :) it was super last minute (as most major decisions are...) but we're committed to having a blast in singapore!!

      stay in touch, hon! xx


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