Friday, August 10, 2012

lunch dates

this week, i did something that i've NEVER done before. 
its not that epic.. but i went to meet the husband for lunch!!

what's the biggie? 

frankly, i don't know where i came up with this but i had this theory. that we already see so much of each other... day in and day out. that lunch time was his getaway from me!! 
in my mind, grown-up lunches were for bonding with his co-workers and enjoying me-time. go eat some unhealthy greasy grub, talk about soccer and manly stuff like bikes, fast cars and whistle at hot chicks. for the same reasons, im all for boys night out and friday night drinkies. 

so i NEVER cramped his style. 

{the yummiest curry!}

until one day, he complained and wanted to know why i met up with the whole world at lunch.. everyone but him. awwwww... 
turns out, he wants to see silly old me at lunch too! :) 

so i rocked up at his work place in neon orange...
stood out like a sore thumb in a sea of office peeps...

 and we had our little fabulous lunch date mid-week!! :)
guess we'd be doing this more often in future!



  1. Yay to not cramping his style! ;) I don't believe in cramping my hubby's style too.. he need his nights out with the boyz and I need my time out with the girls. But it's really sweet to know that he misses you and wants you to meet him for lunch! Here's to more lunch dates.. perhaps with the bubs in a couple more months to come?

    Now, where's the neon orange outfit you talked about? I wanna see! :)

    1. oh its a maternity friendly sundress!!! i was too embarrased to ask for an outfit shot in the middle of aksakamitsuke. people were already judging that i was in that color! :)

      i draw the line at crashing boys drinkies though! i think there should be a little bit of personal space there! plus its more fun with my girlies and cocktails (mocktails for now...)

  2. AWWWW too cute! I want to squish you both!

    Heehee your sunglasses again!

  3. Couldn't help it!! I couldn't throw it out!! :) I'm such a packet!!


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