Thursday, August 9, 2012

in japan :: to the sumo!

we took muu to nagoya a few weekends to see his japanese grandparents.. 

backgrounder :: the husband did a host-family study exchange when he was a wee teenage boy with this lovely family. they're like family to us and flew to attend our wedding. since we moved to japan, we make an effort to visit them once every season but what really made the difference was our little musashi. he gets spoilt silly by his grampies who take him everywhere when he is in town! 
wished we lived closer to them... 

we went on a double date with daniel's brother & wife, leaving the kiddos to grandma!
such a luxury!! :)

to see the sumo!!!

it has been something we've been wanting to do for a long time but never had the time to do so in tokyo. also, the tickets were always so pricey!!

look at the crowds!!

we had a great view from our seats and giggled a lot at chubby men in loincloth, jiggley physique and butt-cracks.
(yeah.. we're mature like that!) 

a gratuitous self-shot

the sumo facing us is hakuho the only yokosuna, highest ranking in sumo wrestling,
and also the highlight of the day. it was the longest match in prep but the quickest! 
he merely side-stepped and his opponent missed and fell. 
what a letdown!! 

 but we did bring home some cutie memoriabilia from our afternoon out with the sumos! 
this linen washcloth with the most limber looking men with boobs! :) 

and this hakuho figuring that when wound up runs around the floor but never topples over.
we thought musashi would love it. but he was kinda freaked out! 
(and understandably so!) 



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  2. thanks for visiting! i'll definitely come visit and check you out! :)


  3. So fun.. we wanted to catch the sumos when we were there too but it was not in season...

    1. i KNOW!! so fussy and so popular! which explains why we didn't do it for a whole two years!!! xx


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