Friday, July 13, 2012

our littlest :: when preggo ..

 the #1 pregnancy must-have - a wonderful partner/husband/boyfriend.

just the other day, daniel was waiting for me at work (for dinner and ride home together)... and bumped into my coworkers as we streamed out of school. 
one of my buddies, also soon-to-be papa, started congratulating daniel and chatted about the stress of being a new dad (which i totes recognise btw).. y'know? the endless massages, expensive pre-natal care, exorbident pampering, drastic lifestyle changes, the see-but-no-touch boobs.

life's tough...

him :: dude! how are you dealing with it? if you need to cry over some beers someday, you can come join us at the hub.
daniel:: what do you mean? im hardly doing anything. they're doing all the hard work.
*as he reaches to pat my belly*

lemme tell ya, i was beaming my entire way home.

my munchkin triumps the snoogle anyday. 



  1. awww daniel! that's a good man you snagged!

  2. *cue salt n' pepa's "whatta man! whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man" yeeess he is!! :P

    its sooo unfair that he's smart, hot and good looking as well. pfffft. *throws hissy fit* not fair. not fair!! haHAhaha!!

    1. hahahahah you're hilarious! imma read your comment to him when he has one of his "woe is me" moments! :)


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