Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer updates :: our beans

our poor muumuu has been going through some life changes recently. 
(and has hit a writers block. so there has been no letters for a while.. he says sorry)

this little he ...

1) survived his first ever pet hotel stay ever. (hated it.)
2) picked up barking & a bout of kennel cough
3) braved through summer vaccines
4) was put on a diet to manage his weight gain (hates it.)
5) has taken an interest in my tummy but doesn't understand why the fuss!
6) hates summer walks.
... but he is a trooper. 
and we have faith that he will work through his issues in due course.

you can do it, munchkin!
we love you a bazillion times and more... 



  1. i love muu tooo....& the tongue hahahaha

    1. awwwww thanks babe! ive a HUGE crush on maki! and our next (furry) bub will be a yorkie! :) :) :)

  2. that's okay muu bear!! chin uuuup!! *licks face* worse things could happen. your "fat buddy" in Perth (Ewok) just had an enema. imagine getting an anal probe and then having mummy pop these nasty tasting lollies to make you better. bleeeearrggh!! not fun at all.

    why do you hate summer walks though muu? its awesome isn't it? :(

    1. enema!?!? OH MAN!!! and anal probe! going through a rough patch there, buddy!! chin up, ewok!!!

      p.s. summer walks are too warm when you're a little furball! plus it means he's due for bathtime each time he gets sweaty which he hates.. haha

  3. I grew up playing with Malteses , my neighbour had a pair of parent dogs, that's constantly giving birth to cute pups, unfortunately my mom didnt fancy no maltese pups for me.

    so i heart maltese and muu's like one of the cutest & silliest ever.

    1. how cute are maltese pups! i can't imagine muu as a little munchkin! i wish i knew him back there!!

      p.s. you're right about the silliest maltese. i don't know what we did to deserve such a munchkin like him!

  4. Kennel Cough?! That's awful. I guess no more pet hotels for you guys then. Hope he is better already.

    1. isn't it!? we were so mad cos he started coughing a few days after coming back from his vaccine so we thought it might have been an allergic reaction. but turns out, caught a bug from the other dogs! :( :(

      hopefully no more pet hotels! muu's not meant for such "hardship" lol! :)


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