Monday, July 16, 2012

sunday morning...

we woke up too late for breakfast at maccas, which may i add ... ends ridiculously early!! who really wakes up and is done ordering brekkie on weekends by 10:30... but i digress. 

so we headed out to our neighbourhood bakery..

which we used to love but took for granted...

 toasty goodness at a ridiculously reasonable price...


i love it that you can dine in for exactly the same cost! they even provide a little oven, a cosy nook and water station.. japan spoils you with little details like that...

we're ready for sunday!!!

mr grouchypants didn't get to go, even though like his papi, 
he loves his breads!



  1. for that, i'm thankful for all the all-day breakfast places popping up in SG :)

  2. i've noticed that too! and coffee-y places!! woohooo!!

  3. Aww... Muu looks so sad! But we belong to one of those that order and can finish breakie by 10.30am. We wake up 'insanely' early even on weekends cos Sparky starts his day at 730am so he ends up waking the entire household up. Hehe

    1. i've noticed!! kudos to you two!! we've "trained" muu that he can wake up anytime he wants but we only wake up nearer to 12noon! :) hahaha..

      p.s. good luck to us in future!


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