Thursday, March 8, 2012

a healthy lunch

im usually so busy i forget about lunch until its too late. 
so i find myself eating leftovers or instant mee really often.

today, i had some leftover broccoli and came across this super duper easy gordon ramsey recipe.
it was as easy as it sounds.. i obviously can't follow a recipe for nuts so i threw in some leeks and carrots to give it more punch.

im not a fan of goat cheese, as recommended, so i covered the base of my mug with shredded cheese. the hot soup melted it immediately and it helped thicken the soup really nicely. then topped it with extra virgin olive oil and a generous sprinkle of parmesan. 

served with a side of japanese mochi bread

and a fruit salad for dessert!

p.s. and yes... i drink my soups in a mug 
so i can work on the computer while lunching!


  1. Oh cheesy soup..i love the sound of it! YUM

    1. it was yummy! the cheese saved it! otherwise it was pure veggie puree!!

  2. Yummmmy and healthy! <3 ticks all the boxes!

    1. it does!!! but doesn't tick the "looks sexy" box! :)


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