Wednesday, March 7, 2012

lusts:: shoe mint

am i the only one that had a crush on rachel bilson in the OC??

she was my style inspiration before blair from gossip girl.

and i thought i'd gotten over that girlie crush till i spotted her latest fashion debut, the shoemint, which also shows off her recent shoe designs in collaboration with steve madden. the concept is kinda cute and i wish they shipped to where i live...

but till then, this behind-the-scene video would have to suffice...


isn't the dress she's wearing awesomely cute?

on a separate note, today is a beaauutiful day! its finally not raining and i just found out im going to be an aunt! im soo happy and thrilled for my girlfriend! oooo im just bursting with love!



  1. I love Rachel Bilson, she's so ultra cute and definitely the best part of the OC!

    1. i watched OC for her! till today the theme song rings in my head when i see her on screen! :) lol

  2. i didn't like O.C, but the hubba and i watch, 'Hart of Dixie' religiously every week!

    it explains why she's always wearing these ridiculously gorgeous (but insensible) shoes running around town. free plug for her awesome shoes!!!!!!!

    1. whats the hart of dixie!? is that a new show?! :)


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