Friday, March 9, 2012

the husband :: fashion makeover

after this post featuring the husband's everyday staple, he agreed to have a wardrobe overhaul. there might or might not have been alcohol involved in this decision but that's not the point... 

so the perimeters were set, with his fashion consultants (myself, jen from ohmyomiyage and her uber fashionable husband) in tow, he would go shopping around town. the goal is to build his casual chic wardrobe from scratch with the budget of 500,000 yen (~ $5000). 

we've been out once and are very pleased with the progress!

it has been sooo much fun so far!! and he protests a lot less when our friends are around. hopefully he'd love his new wardrobe enough to model it when its complete. but one of the key essentials ::
the man bag 

he's thinking more of a briefcase & satchel for his biking days..

 { mr porter }

but im thinking more of a slouchy nice leather bag...
(that can double up as a weekender for me...)

what do you think??
 & any other recommendation for chic man bags?



  1. That tie rack is awesome! I need to get something like that for my hubby's ties.
    rolala loves

    1. its fab! you can also use it to organize your belts!

  2. i was just thinking about this!! we're due for another shopping trip! i need to take taro out to get a new, nice suit too :)

  3. loving the new wardrobe (and the tie organizer!)
    my hubs is super resistant to shopping. he lives off his berms and slippers..sigh...

  4. its hard to dress up in singapore. whenever we're in singapore, daniel is in the same berms and slippers combi too!! :)



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