Tuesday, January 24, 2012

travel:: mount tateshina

hi darlings, what were you up to last weekends? we went on a lovely long drive with our friends in the most luxurious van!! when jen suggested to head up to their parents' country home in mount tateshina for the weekend,  i couldn't say no!! plus who doesn't love roadtrips...

when it involves such beautiful snowscapes??

so romantic... 

and are you ready to drool over the cutest little japanese cottage ever??

all ours for the weekend!

rachel & suman enjoying a tete-a-tete in front of the fire!

 every vacation starts with one of these pictures of me trying to help musashi break into his new pen. he is weird with new environments but once he warms up to the idea, he loved it! he was darting in and out of the pen by the end of the weekend like it's his! that's silly one..

lol best ice bucket ever!

i snuck some tips on how to make awesome shabu shabu...

hmm delish melt in your mouth meat...

muu was more excited about our freshly toasted s'mores!

after dinner, we retired to the cutest loft bedroom with blue wallpaper! it was so darling i wished i took a picture before it got dark.. but i had such a fabulous time there i generously invited everyone to our country home to hang out!! only to be reminded by the mister that urm.. we don't own one and last he checked, we were still working on our proper home in the city first!! 

ah.. little unimportant details! 

would you love a little getaway home in the future? 
if so, where??


  1. What a nice trip. Love the snow and little cosy cottage. It looks like your doggy was happy there as well :-)).

  2. What a wonderful trip! Loving the snowscapes, and perfect weather for a steaming shabu shabu

  3. Aww, what a lovely little getaway!! The cottage is so cute! And it looks so "home" like. :D Looks like Muu adjusted well too!

    Shabu! Yummy for the tummy during the cold weather. ^^

    I would love to visit a place like this! Some where away from the city and amongst nature. That's where I'd love to go. :]

  4. i love the pictures.. especially the champagne in the snow! hahaha i hope everyone had fun! we shall go up again :) in the future, i want a beach house so we can go surfing in the summer (and bonfires and picnics) and snowboarding at Tateshina in the winter!

  5. i would love to have a cabin in the woods or a beach house!

    you guys seemed to have walked right into a movie set with the cottage! lovely :D

  6. wowwwww that cottage looks PERFECT like the type you have made out of gingerbread!!!!! Heeeee!

    Yum shabu! Really glad that you had a great time, and muu-kun did too! <3 Eeeeeee!! You musttt get a countryside get away once you've sorted your city one! Hahahaha

  7. @trishie

    its so beautiful, right?!

    we were skyping mom back in australia and can't believe the difference in weather (and obviously a little jealous too!)

  8. @ohmyomiyage

    oooo thats the perfect combination! we'll just work on being better friends!! :)

    just kidding! when we earn our millions, we'll buy a country vineyard! that would be nice and you guys can come over and drink wine!

  9. @ladytricia

    wasn't it gorgeous! shame we get nothing like this back in singer!! :*(

  10. @Jian

    no worries its definitely on our to-do list!

    amazing how happy musashi is when there is a change in environment! he is usually skeptical to start then he warms up to it!!

  11. Look at all that powder! I would die to snowboard there!! :))

  12. @Pamz TT

    and it only got better on the ski slopes!! :) can your little ones ski??

  13. natsukashiiiii!!!

    I want snow too! Looks like a whole lot of fun!


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