Wednesday, January 25, 2012


because musashi missed out on the snow action the day before, we woke up earlier so he could join in a little bit of the fun! we started with gentler slopes in the garden but soon enough, we moved on to bigger and scarier things.. like the road.

did i mention that we were doing this for muu? 
someone else obviously didn't get the memo.

our husbands on separate toboggans...

muu throwing back the "mami.. save meeeeee!!!" look..

he loved chasing his papi down the road.

muu you don't know it yet. but one day, you're going to love this!! 

in the meantime, we're gonna keep trying until you do!



  1. That looks like so much fun :)

  2. looks so fun,
    i always want to try toboggan, but only children play with it in Ski Area :( maybe I should ask someone to join me next time not for snowboarding but toboggan trip :D

  3. lol.. he looks really upset in the last pic

  4. @AdeLheid

    toboggan trip sounds a lot less intense! :) i reckon more adults should try it! its so fun!!

  5. @fernoftheforest

    now that you mentioned it... maybe he was being a sour puss that his dad was hogging the toboggan without sharing!!

  6. Awww. You 3 are the cutest!! Muu...this is for your own good. You'll thank your parents later. Trust me. XD

  7. At least you guys did it for Muu. When I first learnt snowboarding, T reminded me that I'll be the BIGGEST and OLDEST bunny on the slopes and most kids in Colorado learn boarding at like 3 yo. Guess who got self conscious on the bunny slopes later? -_-

  8. AWWWW the husbands indeed looked like they had a blast. I hope one day muu will appreciate it more too! XD

    Muu does look rather mopey in the last photo..and his mami save me look is classic!!

  9. ahhh taro's legs crack me up. that's probably why daniel feels so homophobic about that picture!

  10. Whee! This looks fun and I bet less painful from falling off the snowboard! And how great to bring muu to experience the snow!

  11. @tiffyama

    at least he didn't look as freaked out as our last encounter in the snow!!

  12. @Jian

    he has the funniest faces! :) and i think the husband had a little too much fun!! they're kids at heart!

  13. @Lady J

    i've asked daniel on multiple occasions why i can't just toboggan down the slopes! :) bring my toboggan up the ski lifts and weeeeeee!!!

  14. haha.. muu's face in the last pic is priceless...


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