Monday, January 23, 2012

crafts:: crochet bows

good morning world!! :) 

i've recently learnt how to crochet!! my sweet coworker, who taught me how, and me formed a little 'stitch and bitch' group! we plonk ourselves with a hot cuppa coffee at roppongi hills starbucks and with a little blankie on our laps, we reclined into our overstuffed couches and crochet our afternoon away! i can totally see myself doing this in 80 years! :)

 since im still practicing my basic knots, i've made a whole bunch of these!!

mini squares!

and made them into sweet little bows!
i still don't know what to make with so many of them.. perhaps little hair bows, hair ties, embellish my winter hat, a bracelet.. a corsage?

meanwhile, can't resist a man in bowtie!!
(and a little leftover carrot sauce in his moustache!)

p.s. happy lunar new year to the folks celebrating!
huat ah! :)


  1. Get him a black tux. That will complete the look.... Or end up looking like a penguinšŸ§

  2. if only i could join in! Welcome to the addiction! =)

  3. I would SO love to join your knit club!!! I would love to learn how to crochet. XD

    The bows are adorable!! And Muu-kun looks great in his bow tie :)

  4. @Janice

    totally! he needs one! too bad we got married before we got him! he would make a cute ring bearer!

  5. @fernoftheforest

    that would be sooooo fun! :) next time when i come back!! xxx

  6. @Jian

    given that i only know one stitch so far.. its so fun!! :)

    thanks! muu loves wearing it!

  7. Seems like you're quite the fast learner!! :] I want to learn~~ your little group sounds lovely.

    The bows are too cute! And he wears it so well~

  8. hehehe i love it - bow ties are the cutest on little children and animals!

  9. @tiffyama

    awwww i wish i could pick all of you up from different corners of the world and transport you here to our starbucks. we can knit and bitch (lottsss!!!) :)


  10. @ohmyomiyage

    im going to try expand that category and wear it out with you tomorrow!!!

    just giving you the heads up so you don't choke!

  11. so cute! i used to know how to crochet then i forgot. and my mom claims she doesn't know how to crochet but churns out a million laced crocheted placemats for me to place around the house!

    very cute bows!!!! yes! make headbands, barrettes and multitudes of hair accessories because they would be so pretty!!

  12. @punkychewster

    MAN!!! I want to learn how to make lace placemats!! it seems so intricate and complex!!

  13. i learnt crochet when i was in primary 6.. my teacher taugth it to us after the PSLEs :)I would do place mats and water bottle holders... i don't think i can finish anything now if i started doing it again :)

  14. @kennytricia

    of course you can! :) i wish we learnt those fun stuff in schools! :)



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