Wednesday, December 21, 2011

weekend getaway :: snowboarding in nozawa

on saturday, we had long soaks in the onsen (hot spring baths). in this quaint town, there are 13 public baths speckled around that are completely free for visitors. locals frequent the baths too with their towels and shower bucket for a quick soak. the water is a little green and had a strong sulphuric smell but apparently good for your complexion! you could even cook veggies & eggs while taking a bath!! what a fun experience!!

but on sunday, we woke up bright and early for some..

goofing around, that is...


we said bye to our little fusspot who spent the day with his grandparents.

we swooshed past all these lovely alpine trees dusted in snow.

but it was a slow day on the slopes because its the first week of business so we had some beautiful runs exclusively to ourselves which was great for me because im still a super-beginner. the snow was nice and soft and ultra-fluffy. 

an occasional snowdump!!

it was my second time on the slopes but i was moving steadily so the husband suggested that we should practice some toe-in techniques so i don't "falling leaf" down the entire mountain. the minute i heard it, i panicked and had the most dramatic belly flop!! *sigh*

taking a break to make snow angels. 

with my munchkin, who voluntarily went on the board as a handicap! *roll eyes*

we caught the 1630 train back to tokyo!!

and yes.. daniel was right. all muu needed was some fresh mountain air! 
he was all well and bouncy by the time we got home! 

i hope we get a bit more snowboarding in this season. 
maybe then i can start learning big-girl moves.



  1. Muu's WTF look - ROFL!!! That's so funny!!!
    Beautiful runs! You are like me. I'm a beginner too, boarded maybe 4 times now and still can't do the toeside. I boarded down the slope heelside all the way -_- Very unglam. T on the other hand is quite a whiz on the slopes (he's more a skiier) cos he skiied since young. When I'd my first lesson on the bunny slopes, he said I was going to be the tallest and biggest bunny of the slope cos everyone else is around 5yo -_-

  2. @Andrea

    snowboarding five! :) i feel bad for holding him back but i just cant go faster!! lol

    we should keep each other company heel-siding down the slopes!

  3. @kennytricia

    he could tell that we were going out without him! hilarious!!

  4. It's so beautiful there! I gotta check this place out sometime.. I've always been heading up to niseko every year ... Looks like I've found a new slope to hit! Thanks for sharing the photos! I wish I can smuggle maki there though..😔

  5. Ahh yes, we should all take time out and make snow angels! I wish my husband could do winter sports or that we had easier access to them!

    Thanks for stopping by and yes that was lobster and truffle sushi - talk about decadent right?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. I didn't realize there was skiing in Japan ( shows how much I know!). But hot springs & a day in the mountains sounds like a fantastic well rounded day.

    I attempted to learn how to snow board a coup,e winters ago. It was a bust! The next day I was back on skis.

  7. @Janice

    im not sure maki would enjoy it as much! (muu sure didn't!) but nozawa is quite a popular one. there are a few in nagano if you're planning to visit tokyo and pop out of town for a few runs! :)


  8. @Chic 'n Cheap Living

    nothing screams christmas more than a little bit more free time for fun and snow! :)

    hope you have a lovely holiday season!


  9. @szewei

    i reckon the japanese does snow right! :) a hot soak is exactly what you need after a day in the cold!

    that and a bowl of hot ramen!

  10. @yours truly, melissa

    i had the reverse problem! i was terrible on skis so gave boards a go! i found it easier to move! :)

    the japanese are keen on their winter sports especially skiing! its fun to see the little ones zooming past on the snow!


  11. aww what cute pictures! it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! you always think of the funnest shots :)

  12. @ohmyomiyage

    we have to go soon!! :) without muu. he was a pooper!

  13. Arh this post brings back memories of the time we lived in Japan. You'll have a great time learning boarding.. I used to do 'falling leaf' all the time as well.. actually I still do now cos I ain't used to the slopes in Europe.. :(

  14. @Lady J

    how long did you live in japan!? i didn't spend too much time in switzerland but i did try skiing there (SUPER DUPER FAIL!)


  15. I lived there for about a year while my hubby lived there for 3 years. We really loved Tokyo.. keep going back to visit the places we love at least once a year. :)

    Yeah, I find boarding in Europe a little tough.. but hopefully I'll grow to love it.

  16. @Lady J

    how awesome! :) we love tokyo! its such an easy place to live in!

    im sure you'll love europe! i wish i spent more time there!! maybe one day!



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