Thursday, December 22, 2011

weddings:: church & grand shanghai reception in singapore

the reason for our little trip back to singapore was to celebrate dick & justin's wedding. we had a tonne of fun because both of them were relatively relaxed about the whole deal!! nothing like the *ahem* bridezilla i was a year ago!!

i flew in at freakin 6 am so we could spend the last single girl day out doing our nails, shopping & drinking bubble tea! it was pure bliss!

here comes the pretty bride..

bridesmaids in pink & green. 
her dinner at grand shanghai was "ching chong chic" (quoted from her invite) which led to many questions amongst the older folks with the common query - what in the world is "ching chong chick"!! 

well, folks... its a lot of beautiful reds & delish chinese cuisine

and slinky cheongsam & chinese motifs..

and ornate chinese glamour.. 

the room was done up gorgeously and the wedding singer was stunning.

with ma girlies against the faux city backdrop!!
yayyy us!

to our beautiful friends who make love seem so effortless and natural! we love you by yourself and love you together! thanks for making us feel so important on your special day!!

we can't wait to grow old with you! :)



  1. Your blog is so cool! come to visit mine!

  2. love your cheong sam babe...

    and doesn't grand shanghai make ching chong look so classy :)

  3. hmmmm... notice brides are a lot more inventive with wedding themes lately? my gfs attended a 'kebaya & kilts' one (hubby is Scottish/ she is Peranakan). I had a 'kampong chic' themed reception.... and now 'ching chong chic'!!!!!!! haHahaha!! i LOVE it!!!!

    gotta say, i was very laid back with the wedding bizz as well. think its because of my age (32 years old).

    ALL of your weddings were perfect though!!! its so yooou!! :D

  4. @kennytricia

    it was my wedding cheongsam (for our ROM wedding) its soooo tight this might be the last time im gonna get to wear it!!

    yeah i love grand shanghai! we wanna go back for dinner another day!

  5. @guerrrilla

    kampong chic sounds fun! :) what do you wear!!

    i've not seen your wedding pictures and urm. you don't look a day over 25!!!


  6. A beautiful bride and I love the bridesmaid dresses! Stunning!

  7. @LeighAnn

    she was wonderful and totally fuss free! she gave us a choice to pick whatever we like!! :)


  8. Oh! the photog has a blog! not all of the better moments captured are on there..... but you can get a rough idea. heh.

    Bali reception:

    Church thing:

    Kampung chic guide:

    Sorry for the overly enthusiastic link sharing :P

  9. Edit: opps!! wrong link for the church thingy bob:

  10. @guerrrilla

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!! how awesome are the pictures and the wedding!! SERIOUSLY!!!

    you're so beautiful!!

    thanks for sharing!!

    p.s. i can't comment on your blog! i typed this long ass OMGOMGOMG message on your invites and it went missing!!

  11. alamaak! i totally forgot to change the settings for comments on my blog. the amount of spam i've been getting. raaawr! i can see you've got some too. damn irritating right? :(

    *blush* thank you so much poppet. coming from you, its a BIG ass compliment. *huugss* i was very much inspired by your wedding entries ya know? honest :)

    i knew you'd be one of the few folks who'd genuinely appreciate the wedding piccies. thanks for your vote of confidence. means a lot (more than you realize!!!) yaaaay!!

  12. Thats so cool that you can just jump over to Singapore for a wedding :) the wedding dress looks so pretty and I love all the dreses youre wearing. So pretty ♥

  13. Thats so cool that you can just jump over to Singapore for a wedding :) the wedding dress looks so pretty and I love all the dreses youre wearing. So pretty ♥

  14. @guerrrilla

    totally! are you using blogger or wordpress!?

    you are so gorgeously radiant and you really didn't over-do it but showed off the natural beauty of the places (both perth and bali)! it was amazing!!

    wow! im glad that you were inspired by my wedding but i would have totally bookmarked yours as inspiration!!!

    yayyyyyy wedding five!!! :)

    p.s. dude your hubby is hot!

  15. @Ash Louise

    thanks ash! we're 8 hours away unfortunately if not we'd be back every weekend! :)

    thanks! the dresses were fun to pick!

  16. Wow, that is one of the places I am considering for my future wedding(when i am asked omg future bridezilla alert). I love chinoiserie chic (the theme ;p). How was the food?

  17. Opps anon comment was from me.

  18. @Joyce

    the food was great (even tho between the running around and breathing in my cheongsam i hardly ate!)

    the place looked gorgeous for that theme but a little odd in the structure of the room. its more of a restaurant than a banquet hall hence some tables don't have direct view of the stage!! :)

    when's your turn!!! :) :) :)


  19. awww you look so pretty, zhing!! love your dresses :) and the wedding looked so pretty too!

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