Tuesday, December 20, 2011

weekend getaway :: nozawa onsen

nozawa onsen is a quaint little town known for their mineral hot spring baths, fire festival and fantastic ski slopes! so over the weekend, we took the parents up to nozawa onsen for a short getaway. we were super lucky with the weather because it was the first weekend in the snow season and they just got a generous sprinkling of fresh snow the night before we arrived so we were very excited!! but...

this little one wasn't.

he fell sick the night before and was all shivery the entire morning
usually when he knows we're going on a road-trip (when we gather his feed, his bag and his overnight bag), he'd be jumping around the house in excitement and run the entire way to the train station. but this time, he didn't move an inch. it was heartbreaking and i wanted to stay home with him but his daddy thinks all he needed was some fresh air. so we bundled him, threw him into his bag with a hot water bottle and off we went. poor little guy...

daniel & his folks

my mother in law!

it was love at first sight!!

when we got to our ryokan, muu needed some baby-ing.. 

then we threw him into the cold. 

he hated it! and didn't know how to walk in the snow!!
so he permanently had this "WTF" face.. it was hilarious!


the huddle!

frozen persimmons! 

the ski slopes awaits!!! :)

if you're keen to visit nozawa onsen, you can check out this website for more details! they get pretty busy during the season especially over christmas and new years. but its such a special little place! im sure we'd be back for more snowy fun! i'll share more pictures on the slopes tomorrow! 



  1. hahahha..the look on Muu's face is priceless..wouldnt he get cold/wet feet? time to invest in some doggie winter boots?

  2. @Janice

    doubt he'd be going into the cold in future! he truly hated it! it was hilarious to watch!

    we met a little dog, puru-chan, who lives there. she was such a trooper in her teeshirt running around and peeing everywhere! muu refused to get out of his heated bag! lol...

  3. @peanut-toes

    thanks babe! if i don't hear from you before christmas.. have a fabulous blessed one!!


  4. hahaha poor boy! cant imagine how cold it will be for his little paws...naked paws. blame mummy for shaving it all off.
    it's windy rainy dec now in singapore and Maki has been shivering due to the cold winds... my hubs is finally relenting and allowing me to buy a tshirt for maki. but it has to be a liverpool jersey. boring.

  5. @Janice

    hahahhaa!! :) it was chilly! wished we brought his shoes! :) but he lasted all of 2 mins and needed to be held!!

    yayy for dressed up dogs! does maki love wearing clothes? muu is a ham! he loves his outfits!

  6. Awww, love the expression on Muu's face. I've always wondered what it would be like to bring my dogs to the snow, am sure they would hate it too!

  7. @Erica

    only one way to find out! don't take the cue from muu. he is particularly fussy with temperature and new things!! (just like his dad..)

  8. aww what a nice family! you guys look so happy together :) and i never knew persimmons grew like that! how cool is that!!!


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