Thursday, December 8, 2011

doggie diapers

... this might be totally oversharing but i would like to share something we got for musashi a few weeks ago....

just the mention of this brings the both of us to giggles. they're such a ridiculous thing to buy and yet we own them! they're so teeny-tiny and soooo cute.

with a little hole for his tail to stick out of.

we got them because we were chilling out at a friends place and even though musashi has never had an accident, we didn't want his first to be on our pal's awesome gucci throw or somewhere embarrassing like that. so we strapped him in just in case. naturally, he was not too pleased.

but the minute we stepped out of their apartment, he raised his leg and peed into his diaper. so like any seasoned parent would, we panicked and removed it. only to confirm that, yes, he was indeed peeing and yes, the diaper works like a charm. but no, there is NO bin in sight. so we cycled home through classy roppongi with the late-night party people dressed to the nines, with our wet diaper in hand with our smug little dog..

yayy. parenthood. ;)

p.s. happy birthday, beverly's mummy!!


  1. geeez!! this would've come in so handy when my Ewok had an enema done. there was blood and poop all over the house. i spent 4 days straight cleaning soiled sheets with bleach and floors with antiseptic. there i was thinking "why doesn't somebody manufacture pet diapers?!!!"

    3 years on..... here we are!! where have you been all my life pet diapers!!

  2. @guerrrilla

    ten bucks for a pack of ten? :) not too bad!! but i have not idea how much they're meant to cost!

  3. lol! he was sooo cute in them though and you guys were just like parents :) when he raised his leg to pee, did he still go up against a tree or other normal object? and was he confused why nothing was coming out? haha that would have been interesting to see!

  4. @ohmyomiyage

    he went against a tree in the park. and didn't look too confused even tho he was peeing in his own "pants". we were all FREAKED OUT! :)


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