Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the boys...

the husband has been baby-sitting the "baby" since i left for singapore. i was initially apprehensive because its a super long time to be away from them but even with one week, i feel short of breath and out of time! but its their first time alone with each other and i was not sure who would drive who up the wall!

but im pleased to report that they have done swimmingly well!

they spent the weekend frolicking in autumn leaves, going for runs...

tackled a mini doggie boo-boo and apparently they cleaned up the house too!
and they send me sweet "i miss you mami!" messages all day and daily "life without mami" pictures.
so i'm going to try to ignore the fact that the husband has been eating the same pasta for the last three meals...

and that my bathroom currently looks like THIS!! 

i miss my munchkins and their mess sooo much! :)



  1. wow! those are awesome pictures - i love the golden leaves!! we all miss you!

  2. @ohmyomiyage

    go to gaienmae! the trees are freakin beautiful there today!!! :)


  3. Haha! i had the same worry when i left Maki with the hubs for a week alone! they have never been alone together before.... i cut short my trip because i was worried that the hubs would have murdered Maki by the time i got back.
    But they got along fine..they only had each other...heehee...

  4. @Janice

    awww.. that's so funny!! :) im sure they missed you lots! both of them!!


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