Friday, December 9, 2011

letters from doggie:: twenty four

hi guys,

my mummy is on vacation back in singapore so the whole house is my oyster!! :)
*does a jiggley dance*

well now that the house doesn't have chicks for a while, we've decided to turn it into a bachelor pad, leave empty beer cans and throw our clothes and toys around the house.

did i tell you that one of my favorite things to snuggle up to is worn tee-shirts?
especially after daddy has worn them for a run.. 

wait.. you think that's weird?? 

now im embarrassed. 

oh well.. anyway, daddy is headed to singapore too this weekend to pick mummy up from singapore (and help her lug her shopping bags home!) i'll be chilling out with my grandpapa! i hope she brings home some bah kwa (roasted pork). hmmm.... i've heard great things about those yummy things!!

have a lovely weekend!



  1. Ooh! You mean we can actually bring bah kwa into Japan? I will be visiting a friend there and was planning to get her some bah kwa.


  2. aawww..... its okay muu. *pat pat* my silly little sausage loves sleeping on stinky, used socks!! then he jumps into the laundry basket cause he also loves freshly laundered sheets. *rolls eyes*

    enjoy the 'bak kwa' poppet!!! it'll be your new fave thing!! i'm sure of it!! :D

  3. @guerrrilla

    im glad he is not the only weirdo! :)

    he loves his doggie bak kwa!!



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