Thursday, October 13, 2011

adult watercolor classes by handmadelove - tick!

remember how i was bummed that we didn't have enough time in melbourne to attend adult art classes? well, here's some news! good things do happen! so the husband was organizing our evening plans. then he sent an email that started with "sounds like you have a painting partner!" the girls would go painting while the boys drank beers in town. then we'd all meet & have a yummy late dinner!! 


we pulled up at their brunswick workshop and was welcomed by these happy things.
a MASSIVE bag of marshmallows and pretty prints!

welcome to harvest workroom!

bunting bunting bunting!

my work in progress.

our inspiration of the night - boxes.

i loved swirling the colors.

thanks, molly, the best arty buddy ever!

my awesome teacher, dawn from handmadelove. (see her works here!)

the lesson was loadsa fun and well taught. all we did was turn up, chatted up a storm and everything else was taken care of. dawn, who totally made our day by telling us we looked like we were in our early twenties, was a darling and kept telling us to make mistakes which was great cos that i can do!

im sure one lesson didn't make a huge difference to my lack of painting skills. but it was a whole lot of fun and inspiration. and heaps of ideas to work into other crafts! who knows? maybe one day i might carry my palette and brush around town and paint things i see in the street! 
now that might be fun! :)


  1. I lurveeeee watercolour painting! I love the merging of the colours as they trickle into one another and that the colours are so light, so dreamlike! I'd always been an oil on canvas fan until recently. I think your work is awesome for a first timer. Well done babe!!

  2. @Yi Lian

    you should check out my teacher's work! its so pretty and as it turns out, she is singaporean too! :)

  3. @kennytricia

    yes i made it! :) im so pleased.. definitely a highlight in our trip!

  4. The paintings look so awesome! And seems like such a great arvo out. :)))

  5. There's a little award on my blog for you xx

  6. Your paintings are fab!! I want! You can do watercolors just like the artist who displays her artwork at Homeri!! Remember that ballet repetto looking flats??

  7. @Pamz TT

    it was so much fun! she does kiddy classes too!! it would be so fun for your kiddos!

  8. @manths

    oooo thanks so much!! im headed over to check it out!

  9. @Andrea

    yes! i was thinking of that the whole time! one day! :)

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  11. oh cool!! u attended her classes! awesome ple meet awesome ple!! i took up water-coloring recently and shes so inspired! wow! im jealous! haha!

  12. @peanut-toes

    where are you learning water color painting?? its such a shame i can't take more classes from her. i had so much fun!


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