Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my girlie birthday treats...

here's sharing some pictures from belated birthday celebration my friend, jen, put together for me. after intense stationery shopping at itoya (only the happiest place on earth!!) in ginza, we had...

 quaint afternoon tea at the famous shiseido cafe.

"zhing". hilarious.

then we were welcomed by momo & moki with soooo many pressies!

such a good job holding the birthday banner, guys!

and on my request, her awesome mac & cheese!!
with a full on fancy luncheon complete with more birthday cake!! thanks sooo much, babe!

i was completely swept off my feet! truth is, im not used to people planning parties for me. its usually the other way around.. so this was a complete surprise. it's so sweet and the details were so darling. 
 i wish it were my birthday every single day!!



  1. happy belated my love! i miss you girls so much. the mac and cheese reminds me of the day we were drinking during the earthquake haha. *HUGS*

  2. @E. Kay

    wish you were here! jen made her amazing mac & cheese and fat-free cheese cake. it was craziness! :)



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