Sunday, September 25, 2011

eat more greens, tokyo

i've been a huge fan of eat more greens, vegetarian cafe & bakery, since day one. 

the menu is always yummy, weather appropriate (warm hearty soups in winter and delicious salads in summer) and very healthy! i've been feeling a little under the weather so i thought to load up on some vitamins and greens but key is - how to get the husband to go to a vegetarian cafe. hmm...

well, for one. both of us were there..

and we might have mislead him to believe that it was called "meat & greens". 
small unimportant details.

my taco-rice lunch set.

a girlfriend pointed out that you only find taco rice in japan! and this entire time i thought i was eating mexican. taco rice is chilli con carne (in this case, without the ground beef) served on (brown) rice and a bed of greens. a warm and filling salad with a crunch. 

the boy ordered the mapo toufoo lunch set.

muu is a huge fan of this cafe. the outdoor seating is a sheltered area for him to roam around our table and say hey to other very polite and civilized dogs there or walking by.
sometimes he gets a carrot snack too!!
it passed the taste test!! 
but he kindly mentioned that this place is best suited for afternoons when i meet up with the girls. 
subtle message - received.

"all you need is love & greens"


name:: eat more greens
website:: (in japanese & english)
address:: 2-2-5 azabu-juban, minato-ku, tokyo
directions:: take exit 4 from azabu juban station


  1. Wow this cafe looks amazing! I am quite fussy with food and don't eat meat or much dairy product (ice cream excluded hehe), so I think I would literally live there if I was in Japan right now ;)

    I noticed it was difficult to find too many menus without meat, though luckily cheese (my least favourite!) is not popular. In UK if you don't eat meat, you are given cheese instead.

    Looks really good anyway xx

  2. @iroirocrafts

    ahh! :) you should have told me! i have a bunch of awesome meat-friendly options in tokyo!

    next time you visit then!


  3. this just reminds me of the time we encountered that random strange boy and the room salon girl with the cute puppy. miss our lunches x

  4. Reminds me, i've been meaning to try original sin! Jus not quite able to convince people to go with me!

  5. @E. Kay

    did i tell you i see her all the time now? we give each other silent nods. and our dogs completely ignore each other. what a bummer! :)

    i miss too!

  6. @kennytricia

    hmmmm i've wanted to try all the time but i always end up at da paolo!!

  7. Perhaps when u r back, we can try it together!!


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