Saturday, September 24, 2011

letters from doggie:: seventeen

hi all!!

did you read about our day trip to karuizawa? it was AWE-some!
on the train back, my folks let me out of my bag. 

sleepy eyes...

one moment i was lying on the seat in between them enjoying tummy rubs.
and the next, i was out like lightning. 

so they put my blankie over me and spoke in hushed tones. 
each time we stopped at stations or when the snack cart came by i'd wake up a little, but mum would rub my back and i drifted off again. (might have snored a little too.. oopsies)

"is this what having a baby is like?" i heard daddy ask.

when our stop came, i was still passed out. 
so mummy made a little sling out of her scarf 
and cradled me while daddy scooped up the rest of our bags 
and we snuck out of the train ever so smoothly & quietly.

im not sure they're cut out to be parents
but they sure have this puppy-loving business down pat! 



  1. awww.. what a sweet little post by Musashi! :)

  2. Dogs are so sweet when they get that tired - we took ours to the beach on Wednesday and she slept for about 20 hours afterwards! xxx

  3. This is too cute. I love how you can carry Musashi in a sling. I tried to with my dogs once and they didn't like it very much at all.

  4. @Mrs. Exeter

    20 hours?! haha! now i don't feel too bad that i had to wake musashi up this morning with kisses! he didn't want to move!!

  5. @Erica

    muu is a funny dog. he loves being held and close and all warm and sticky.

    so a sling is the closest thing to hugs on the go! :)

    p.s. what breed is your dogs!

  6. Muu is super cute :) it's so cool that he likes to be carried and hugged. My little boy is too hyper for that

  7. @Janice

    it comes with age! :) i think he is past the bouncy jumpy puppy stage!!


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