Monday, September 26, 2011

adult art classes (& adult decisions)

it has been ages since i've painted. or colored. (not a euphemism for anything. thanks.) 

i use to enjoy them very much! and my mum made me believe that i was pretty good and we won awards and stuff for them when i was little. but its like music, dance and a tonne of other things in life. when you stop doing it, you drop it for good. kinda sad, isn't it? my choice of painting tools was the chalk. maybe i'll show you my paintings one day. they are all very cliche & filled with teenager-y angst. but it all stopped. and ever since, i've been missing something inside. something pretty like this!!

water color recipe paintings - yes plueese!!!

art inspired by multi-colored ice-cream - yes plueese!!! 
all images from handmadelove.

and the artist behind all this yumminess, teaches adult art classes in melbourne. 
and will have a class while im visiting. 
and here comes the huge "BUT"....
we're royally short of time.
they offered to drop me off while they have family dinners. but i don't wanna miss out.
how do i convince the husband AND the mother in law that they absolutely NEED to have adult watercolor classes for their lives to be complete??

help! the romantic artist in me is dying to paint!



  1. It reminds me of the paintings at that cute cafe! Remember? I was trying to buy them! I want to see your paintings!

  2. @Andrea

    i know! I wanna paint like that too! :)

    one day when i unearth our world of storage things i'll dig them out!

  3. i reckon u can rock it solo and then come up with something so awesome they would want to try it themselves!

    i did a bit of painting when i was in melbourne too- my best frd in uni was a bit of an artist so i went to his place one day and painted, and another time we went to the park and drew! so much fun...

    i still have all the stuff in my room, been thinking of lessons here too... GO FOR IT! :)

  4. usually faking I'm too shy to go alone and that i would suck big time is a sure fire way of getting them to do things with me. it worked when we signed up for scuba-diving, bingo nights and a few other things.

    but if they think you'll "survive" on your own, then they must really not be mad keen on going. can't help ya there partner.

    p.s: thanks for the tip on buying my wedding shoes! yaay!

  5. @Tricia

    i don't mind doing it alone! but it means that the family is celebrating without me! just want to be at both places at the same time!!

    p.s. can you divulge some melb vintage shopping tips?

  6. @kennytricia

    i've been trying! obviously works better for little furry people!

  7. i would recommend brunswick/fitzroy/northcote for vintage shopping! johnston st, smith st, high st... all along tram 86 in my old hood.

    what i used to do was to hop on the tram, get off when i saw a shop i liked and walk down the street... if i came to a dead end i just hopped back on the tram again! hehe... i've made 2-3 stops on a single journey before!

    for really cheap finds, i recommend any of the charity thrift stores- savers, salvos, red cross...

    you might like to look at this blog -

    and these links -

    AND if u have time on a sunday please check out Camberwell market, only been there once but really loved it!!!

  8. Cool paintings,and i want to see your more stuff,please reveal some more artwork for us of your own.


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