Tuesday, August 2, 2011

travels:: a hike up pali lookout in oahu

my brother who lives on oahu island shared all the insiders tips and fun little adventures with us on our visit. they weren't always the fanciest but it was sneak peek into his life on this island and beats the typical shopping malls and waikiki beach stretch hands down!! 

the nu'uanu pali lookout is a great place to catch a view of oahu. its right off the highway and many tour buses make their pitstop there unloading truckloads of tourists. but off the back of the lookout, there are a few famous trails that brings you away from the crowds. just the day before, my brothers were discussing aloud how cool this place was and how it might be a little difficult for me. challenge accepted!! so hiking we went!

naturally no one told me that it would be THIS type of climbing so i was dressed all cute with a brand new pair of white shorts... but he found a crummy sweater in his trunk and we threw it on! the initial path was narrow but safe. it was kinda muddy but you can use the tree roots and rocks to help you up. 20 mins later, we stepped out on the ridge line and saw this! it was amazing..

but super windy!! 

we did goofy things like running into and with the wind. but then we spotted a higher view-point which required us to climb along the crumbly rocky ridgeline. it was kinda scary if you looked down and i guess possibly dangerous. but in my mind i didn't want to be the wussy sister who trots around in heels only. so up we went again! 

 this time everything is so itsy bitsy!! 
we pointed out our home, our car, his campus, the beach...

and we were right up there with the clouds!!

we spotted a little bit of a rainbow from above and started our descent. the going down was a little dirtier than the going up..

 me & my love! :)

of course after this, we went for a huge meal to replaced the calories we worked off. and then to the outlet mall we went. well... just keeping things real here! 
i needed a new pair of white shorts!! ;)



  1. This looks like so much fun. I have never been to Hawaii and I am dying to go.




  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaii... so jealous of your trip! Great photos x

  3. @Angie

    you should! :) its a little gem with all the good stuff squished into one island! :)

  4. @Please Eloise

    thanks!! :) im a huge fan of hawaii now! our next two trips have been confirmed! yahoo!! :)


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