Wednesday, August 3, 2011

travels:: ono hawaiian foods

of course hawaiian cuisine is more than just a couple slices of pineapples on pizzas, grilled fish and maitais! we really wanted to try local hawaiian cuisine so my brother brought us to ono hawaiian foods. just a small humble store right off the highway, its not fancy but the walls were wallpapered by famous customers' pictures, a sure sign that this place serves good food. that and the queue snaking quietly outside the shop!! :)

we ordered the combonation plate (not a typo) for three to share! it didn't sound like a lot but look what came out of their kitchen!

 kalua pig - slow cooked pulled pork so soft and melt in your mouth..

 lau lau - pork wrapped in taro leaves

the lomi salmon was delicious and a nice side to complement the meaty dishes...

a must-have - the salt meat watercress was delicious! im a huge fan of watercress and love the crunch of the green with the clear savory soup...

coconut dessert eaten with sea salt!! :)

the server was very sweet and patient with all our questions. but kinda disappointed that we chose rice instead of poi, their local staple. so he brought out a serve of it anyway to make us try! its kinda like mashed taro with a gooey texture. its kinda interesting but i found the tang a little strong.

but in all, i can't wait to go back again next april!! 

ono hawaiian foods
726 kaphulu avenue
mon - sat 11 - 8pm only


  1. Oh we went there too! I am not quite a fan of poi either. Love the coconut dessert. Did you go to Teddy's Bigger Burgers?

  2. yummm, i love ono too! next time you go, you should try to go to's another of my faves. :)

  3. @Winifred

    YES I did!!! but each time i was there.. we were too busy eating with messy hands to take pictures!! :)

    so much fun!!!

  4. @miss.t

    oooo yamas! Im adding that into our next trip itinerary already! thanks so much babe!


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