Monday, August 1, 2011

in japan:: macaron showdown

are you a fan of macarons?! 

they're the latest "it" dessert that kicked poor little cupcake's ass. i love them for their gorgeous pastel colours, fancy flavours and always glamourously chic boxes. i feel like im opening a tiffany box each time i receive macarons!!

and there is nothing lovelier than a girly afternoon with macarons and tea...


and the main competitors in the market :: laduree vs pierre herme. based on the stores and packaging, i must admit i was already sway towards the girlier and fancier lauduree. their scarves, hankies, bags are tres adorable!! and who can resist their mint green boxes?
but im shallow like that.

but thanks to the dessert-crazed culture, you can find both brands in tokyo and our dear friends gave both of them a proper taste test this summer.


read more about their verdict on the boke effect.

p.s. muu gets his own private mention here too! we held him up to the computer so he could bask in his own online popularity! ;)



  1. OOps. My 'review' was a bit too short :P
    And arw that Muu. So photogenic. Absolutely love the first pic where he was peeking to see if there was food (typical maltese trait) xo :P

  2. yum... love macaroons....artissan sweets is my go to for my fix... they make them so satisfying

  3. @Andrea

    it was perfect! :) i absolutely can't write about food that beautifully! :)

  4. @kennytricia

    artisan sweets in singapore? i've not tried their macarons! :) but they make amazing cakes! and their store is soooo cute!

  5. Though I can't even imagine the taste, I must say - what lovely colours! Truly lovely shots!

  6. @Precious Crafts

    you have to try! :) they're little rainbows packed in a box and so much fun to eat!! xx


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