Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pho 24 in tokyo

i think it qualifies as my favorite restaurant if i've been there FOUR times in the last week! but i could hardly contain my pho-citement when the boy spotted it from the train!! it has been in tokyo since july so there is no excuse why we've been missing out on a month of good pho!!

we ordered our usual fare - assortment of spring rolls, piping hot bowls of pho with generous veggie and herb toppings on the side & strong coffee with condensed milk. and everything was good!

the experience was almost authentic except they didn't serve the pho with hoisin sauce, fish sauce and chilli padi but its still tasty!! also, the beef pho is served with japanese style charsiew meat which was interesting and instead of raw beansprouts, they serve them boiled. not a big deal but just different! and everything is rather reasonably priced. a meal of every side dish there was, beer and phos all round was approximately 3000 yen. of course my dad had to point out that it would only cost a mere 110 yen in ho chi minh city but we're not in vietnam, dad! :)

as we speak, i'm meeting my friend, yuming, for some veggie pho for lunch! wonder if they have any vegetarian surprises in store for us! can't wait...

name:: pho24 ichigaya
address:: tokyo, shinjuku-ku, ichigaya tamachi 2-2-5
directions:: take exit 5 from ichigaya station.


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