Monday, August 22, 2011

thrift shopping in japan

i love thrift shopping!! i've had huge successes in japan because for once, they come in my sizes and they are usually carefully laundered and displayed like in regular stores. it does take the fun out of rummaging through heaps of random-sized christmas sweaters but its so easy and fuss-free!!

so remember how i was in shimokitazawa last week?
one moment we were in a cute store browsing through their vintage wares, tagged with fruits and veggies. and i was saying how i've never gotten pre-loved shoes. the next moment i was trying some on. and i have no clue what happened in between.

but here i am, proud owner of this pair of handsome black heels.

pretty fierce looking but super comfy

i love the gold mirrored heel!!
and guess what? they were only 5000 yen (~ $65) 
and because we were there on wednesday, there was an additional 20 % off. 
super win!!!

wanna hear the best part? they're made by gucci.
awesome, much??

i can't wait to wear them out!!
what's your favorite thrift store buy?



  1. LOVE thrift shopping!!! that is a major score!

  2. I love thrift shopping too! My 2 best ones have been a $2.50 Longchamp (!!) handbag from a thrift store in Warnnambool, and a $50 Michael Kors trench coat from a thrift store in NYC! :)

  3. @punkychewster

    isn't it! :) i love that its so comfy even though it looks so fierce! :)

    i wanna go thrifting with ya in usa!

  4. @sharon

    woah! what a steal!! i went thrifting in melbourne just at the salvos down the street but they didn't have anything at all!!

  5. An awesome purchase indeed! I once scored a vintage DVF wrap dress in Hong Kong for only S$25! And I sold it for S$100, which I suspect is still a steal for the new owner!

  6. @Yi Lian

    ehhhh so cool!! :) i wanna go vintage shopping in hongkong! when i visit you ok!? xx

  7. @kennytricia

    i know right!?? im always wearing it these days! :) its my newest fav. shoe!

  8. gucci shoes are so comfortable <3

  9. @E. Kay

    they totally are! these are my first guccis though cos when i think gucci i think monogrammed "G"s!! :)


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