Tuesday, August 23, 2011

advice needed: middle eastern theme

so we're invited to this home party this weekend. the chef (co-worker) will single-handedly whisk a fabulous 12-course middle-eastern gastronomic experience for everyone. we are really excited because we've seen pictures of his food and each time, it looks fabulous! 

they've asked daniel to take a few pictures and i thought "hey! i can totally jazz it up a little with some napkins and placecards." except now they're throwing ideas of middle-eastern motifs and theme. and i realized that i know nothing about the middle east 
(i know.. me and my big mouth, right?)

i'd love to transform the room to something like this but...
i have a grand total of $0 to work with.

so i thought to start simple with a few menu place-cards. 

wadaya think??
if we did (b), i'd make some napkins using some fabric i have at home..

if (c) wins, i'd make aqua blue napkins with contrast trimming or a napkin band. 
it a little more modern and less middle-eastern.

and as for (a), i don't have lantern print / inspired anything to work with.
plus it looks a little grade-school & cliparty, doesn't it? 

so help!! what do you think? 
a, b, or c??



  1. i like the second one best :)

  2. I like the first one , it has more festival mood; the second one matches the table clothes best:)

  3. I'd say go with (c). Mediterranean food is all about the colours, so I think you can keep it simple and let the food shine. Plus, you could totally jazz up the place with some bright coloured candles or candle-holders to get a Mediterranean effect.

  4. C! I love the pop of colors and it'll go more towards your room inspiration as well. GL!

    <3 Jacks

  5. agree about the the colors. even tho i know zilch about mediterranean, i feel like warm colors like yellow and orange would capture the feel!

  6. thanks guys!! :) appreciate your vote, i think imma make up both fabrics for napkins.

    doesn't hurt to have an extra set of napkins at him for surprise dinners!


  7. middle east is all about the colors, all the reds and orange... so (c) would most likely fit...

  8. @kennytricia

    thanks honey! :) i thought so too when i came up with it. but now i have ideas for our next party using those colours! haha! :)

  9. I have a weakness for aqua... :p hahahha

  10. @Yingjie

    i'll make it up for another dinner party! :) maybe a more modern theme! :)


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