Tuesday, August 30, 2011

jcrew:: a cashmere affair

on my list of to-gets this fall, is to refresh my collection of cashmere sweaters. so i've been shopping online for something cute. this morning, i think i found the epitome of cute!

completely besotted with jcrew's latest collection - a cashmere affair.

hello tutus 

there's just something elegant and beautiful about satin pointe shoes and bunheads.
makes me wanna buy whatever they're selling! :) 

from jcrew.

p.s. they ship to japan for flat rate of 25 USD. 


  1. Its such a lovely shoot, isn't it? I love the muted palate too, all grey, white, camel and softest pink- so pretty. Makes me want to buy all the sweaters too. xxx

  2. @Mrs. Exeter

    absolutely! :) the photography & styling is excellent to show off the colours!! jcrew know the way to my heart!!

  3. There's just something about ballerinas. :) then poise n elegance that is so hard to find anywhere else. ;)

  4. I'm LOVING the bunheads too! Right now, the higher the better. And these cashmere sweaters do look awesome for fall.

  5. @Pamz TT

    im all crazy about your little kate taking ballet! :) she is sooo cute!

  6. @Nise en Scène

    im excited about fall weather and clothes! the weather suddenly turned cool over the weekend!

  7. just watched black swan yesterday, and natalie portman was in these sweaters too.. though the show creeped me a little :)

  8. Love cashmere, they are so wonderfully soft and comfortable. Beautiful stuff from jcrew

  9. @kennytricia

    despite the awesome costume and the dancing!! i never watched that show cos im a wuss.

  10. @trishie

    they ship internationally! :) one reason why i can't wait for fall to come!


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