Monday, August 29, 2011

a middle eastern affair..

hi guys! how was your weekend? we're back from a lot of serious eats. 
im so seriously stuffed i woke up still feeling full! 

we were invited to a casual luncheon by my workmates. i'll let you in on a little secret, im not a very sociable person at work. i keep to myself a lot so i'm going to change that. so this was a nice way to start. then we found out that my bestie is in town for the week and committed to taking her to the nicest places in town. hence, all the fabulous feasts!!

here are some pictures from our home-cooked middle-eastern soiree!

so it turns out, our "home-cooked" food was not shabby at all. chef had us chopping and cutting for a good two hours, whipping up magic right in front of our eyes. 

oh yums. i love dips...

hand - kneaded pita bread fresh from the oven! 
it was unbelievable!

my favorite salad! it was so delish i made a tactical error by eating too much
even before i got to the mains...

cos hey! there is so much more yumminess to go through!!

i have no idea how long he spent in his kitchen the week leading up to the party but everything he served was amazing! and so generous in flavors...

if i had to choose a supertalent, it'll be culinary
its such a blessing to be able to share this with the people you love. 
the poor boy has to deal with my pseudo asian/fusion stirfries and stews all the time!

my favorite dessert was a rose-water milk pudding with thick and yummy honey.

its all the little touches that made the meal. there were wines to match each part of the feast, excellent company and a little bowl of rose water to dip our hands in between! oh! my middle-eastern vocabulary has increased by ten-folds!

we also went to the cute loccitane cafe &
i have a little napkin ring diy to share later this week.
happy monday, everyone! :)


  1. oh my gosh, that's a gorgeous spread! so hungry!

  2. Oh goodness, this is my favorite kind of food. Lucky you to get an invite to such a fab party! And the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oooh yummy! What talented workmates you have! I also love the place setting napkins with the buttons, those are really cute.

  4. @E. Kay

    daniel from work made it all! :) all i did was chop herbs and even then i felt special! :)

  5. @ACC

    i didn't know anything but hummus and pitas before lunch! :) but i can see this being one of my fav cuisines from now on! :) what a great introduction!!


  6. @Mo

    trust you to notice the small things! :) i made that and will post a tute on it soon! xx

  7. That looks yummy, I am feeling so hungry now! Karima :)

  8. @Karima

    it was delish! i wish i had such talent in the kitchen!


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