Tuesday, August 30, 2011

over tisane, creme brulee & shibuya

this weekend, i got to hang out with my dear friend, judybob.
we woke up characteristically late, went for a decadent brunch and shopped up a storm.

then we had long tête-à-tête over at l'occitane cafe.
(whose hand creme we've love since grad school so it seemed apt to go there together...)
but another reason to love them - the cafe is sooo cute!
it has a similar chic & french provincial feel with a fantastic view of the shibuya crossing.
a fabulous respite from the sunday crowd and heat.
we picked different herbal teas and dessert and it was perfection.

we talked about living in different cities, and about newest obsessions,
work challenges and reflected a little on life. 
we talked and talked and talked just like in the old days.  
(i miss her so much..) 

there has been a few "panic button" moments in the past few weeks.
but im always reminded to be thankful of all that i have and that i've been.
and how blessed im to have people around me to put my head back where it should be. 



  1. Aww hun, aren't gal pals the best?? Hope things r better. xx

  2. @Pamz TT

    they are! i miss having LOADs of them around in singapore! :) im better thanks!!

  3. I've never been to the l'occitane cafe...sounds lovely!

  4. i went once when i was in Tokyo. the one thing i recall is how expensive it was!!

    funny, i sometimes crave for their milk tea served with a dollop of coconut ice -cream!!! so delish. i can imagine chilling out at l'occitane cafe in summer. i was there in winter. eeeek!!

  5. @guerrrilla

    yeah.. at some point you get used to the prices in japan. that a cake costs about 700 yen and coffee & cake set can set you back 1500 yen. :)

    i keep telling myself when i move somewhere else, i would be soooo happy with the huge "discounts" lol.


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