Monday, July 18, 2011

two years ago...

we were legally married in my childhood home, where i celebrated everyone of my milestones in life. in the company of everyone that mattered to us, it was possibly one of my happiest moments ever. (more about it here and here.)

i had no clue of the adventures to come.

or that we'd be married a few more times later..

but i knew life was going to be just awesome with this man i married. 
two years, two weddings, two countries later...
i've come to realize that not only was i right, but it just keeps getting better. 

to the love of my life, you're the bestest thing ever..
whatever life has in store for us... 
bring it on!!!



  1. aww congratulations! have i really been reading your blog for TWO YEARS??

  2. @pei

    you've been reading since our rom?! :) wow!! thats a long time!! *hugs*

  3. Happy anniversary sweeties! Hope to see you guys sometime in the future again and have a blast in Hawaii!!!

    Sending much much love to you both. :D


  4. @Yi Lian

    thanks hon!! :) did you decide where to go on vacation!?!

    love your picture in your avatar!

  5. Has it been two years?? Wow! It just felt like yesterday when I saw the ROM pictures!

    Happy anniversary, sweetie! xx

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Your love for each other always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.. =) to many more anniversaries and bliss! you guys are missed! =)

  7. Congratulations sweetie! Here's to many more years of bliss and adventure. xoxo

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Hooray for two years!

  9. @Yingjie

    aww thanks hon! :) love's grand like that huh!! xx

  10. @Winifred

    thanks sweetheart!!

    and special thanks for the maui tips i stole from your travels. i don't think i write as eloquently but i can't wait to share our vacay pictures!!


  11. @Mo

    thanks sweets! ;)

    our cotton anniversary was spend shopping for heaps of new threads!! so fun...

  12. congrats babe! has it been two years since ROM??! wishing you two lovebirds many blissful years ahead!!

  13. @punkychewster

    thanks honey! :) its almost your first too right!!! *duper hugs*

  14. I'm heading back to HK early Aug with my family - first time in HK as a tourist! Hahahah! Never visited before I moved there 3 years ago...

    And the rest of the month... Turned out a lot of work is coming in so no time to run away! :( But I guess I shouldn't complain about extra jobs.

    But Nepal in September, I hope! Now get off the Internet and go cuddle!

  15. @Yi Lian

    oh fun!! :) i know you'll shop heaps even if you pretend that you're not into material things!! *hugs*

    nepal sounds amazing! bet you're gonna have a ball of time and many amazing pictures to share!!

  16. HAHAHAHA! You do know me well... That's what the girls are doing to me now... "Yah, you're not into material things now. Yah yah yah" with a knowing look.

    Yeah, photos through my iPhone unfortch. Sorry

  17. @Yi Lian

    lol! :) i totally instagram everything anyway! he doesn't take it personally anymore...

  18. Hi there! I love your gown! Mind if I ask where you got it from?

  19. @Andrea not a problem at all!! ;) got it from dang bridal in Singapore! They've got an amazing range of designs and fabulous workmanship! ;)

    It's still pretty two years later!! Xx


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