Wednesday, July 20, 2011

three little pearls

my mummy & daddy are in town puppy-sitting this week and boy is our little man smitten!

he's had daily walks, extra cuddles and even naps in bed with grandpa now!! 
and i love hearing little muu stories from them all week...

my mummy also made me a delicate little bracelet. 
im going to wear them everywhere i go! 
& mum is altering a whole bunch of my clothes now! 
awesome, innit!? :)

they've been sending us adorable muu pictures all week long..
which made missing him better and worse at the same time!
i'll share them soon!!

it's gonna suck when they go home!!


  1. What a lovely dainty little bracelet :)
    Thanks for your sweet comments. I didn't even plant the fruit, it's there from a year or two ago. The raspberries are delicious :)

  2. @Katie

    thanks for visiting too!

    wow!! :) how lucky!! fresh fruit from your own garden sounds lovely!


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