Thursday, August 20, 2009

our wedding: the details we loved

i absolutely adore weddings with tiny touches of personality. and because we already know that our next few wedding will be completely blown out of proportion, this was our chance to keep it simple, personal and cute.

joan has posted more pictures here! but here are our personal favorites!

hmmm.. seriously the BEST pineapple tarts ever. my aunt made a batch specially as our wedding favours. and the adorable lace cupcake tier was one of my wedding gifts from daniel's mum. so love!

aren't they cuties!

everyone was on "yellow candy" duty leading to the wedding. so we had english fudge, lemon bonbons, fairy gems, sour fishes and lollies from round the world. they looked almost TOO good to be eaten!

my favorite cupcakes in the world from [info]mengchoo! they taste as yummy as they look! i also borrowed her drink dispenser for OJ!.. thanks heaps, mong!

our chairbacks featured our favorite bed-time story!

my bouquet of ranunculus, roses, wax flower & lisanthus with diamante embellishments. i almost bought thomas sabo charms as my sparkley embellishment when[info]lindora gave me a hard knock on my head, saved me $138 and directed me to the cute shops selling alphabet charms for $0.80. duh!
matchy matchy with daniel's sparkley corsage.

this pictures is part of our mini photoshoot in the park i grew up in.. we officially suck at posed shoots, we could not shut up. this is me instructing daniel "when we get home, i will tell everyone will go chop seats first and you clean up so we can leave in 5 mins! im serious. 5 mins is all you get."

one not-so-small detail we almost missed out on...

our wedding crashers!! completely bad judgement to not invite them from the start but i don't know how we scored friends like them who all came decked in yellow as a surprise. aren't they the cutest? even then, we had enough love and cupcakes to go round! :) so so blessed!

"I count myselt in nothing else so happy
As in a soul rememb’ring my good friends."
- William Shakespeare


  1. Lovely details babe! Very stylemepretty :D
    Congrats again! And I'm sure you'll manage to infuse the other weddings with as much personality and prettiness as the first. :)
    P.S. Tell me more about the cute shops with cheap alphabet charms! I adore that little dangly Z. :D

  2. thank you thank you! :) that's a huge compliment!! im a big fan of style me pretty!
    these shops usually sell plush toys and memoriabilia that you can personalize by spelling your name. there are a few brands but i think mine was "gift-a-name" at takashimaya, level 2! the alphabets can be found with the phone charms!

  3. I'm a big fan too :) I don't think I will be able to stop reading these pretty blogs after my wedding, haha!
    Thanks! Will go check it out! :)

  4. You look gorgeous babe! And those are excellent little touches.

  5. this must be one of the most romantic weddings i have ever seen!

  6. thank you very much!! :) i cant wait to see you in your wedding dress (and shoes!!)

  7. good luck babe! let me know how i can help with your wedding! :)

  8. hahaha! thanks babe!! but just our ROM! long way to go to finish up our wedding celebrations!

  9. congrats zhing! wow.. this is simply sunshine-y & beautiful! the first pic looks like those from those English bridal magazines lor!!
    hey, i was wondering when did you get those fluffy paper balls from?! im sourcing for them too ;)
    once again, congrats~

  10. congrats! and beautiful engagement party =)

  11. You look amazing babe!! I love all the cute wedding details especially the cute name tags and its all so YELLOW like the sun!!! I wish I could be there! Perhaps I should move to Singapore where I can find all of these amazing little shops!!! Love you looots xxx

  12. hi babe!! :) thanks!! when's your wedding? must be soon right?
    we made & fluffed the yellow pomanders ourselves! i can teach you how if you'd like! its super easy.

  13. thanks sweetie! make sure you can fly down for the melbourne one! im counting on you to dance up a storm on the dancefloor!
    urm.. you're so silly! all my inspirtation from USA and you CANT find shops selling them in singapore! you have to DIY like made!!
    love ya heaps!! :)

  14. Loves!
    I love the whole wedding theme/concept. Bright, cheery, so you and very personalized and homey. Gives me ideas about mine, should there ever be one HA! but I doubt we've got the manpower or the creative juices to get things in motion. Maybe I'll settle for a birthday like that. ha. Can't expect too much eh.

  15. Love that wedding dress!!!
    Hello there,
    Your wedding dress is absolutely divine.
    May I know which bridal shop is it from or which designer its from?

  16. Re: Loves!
    don't be silly girlie!!! im sure you will! :) if not, you know who to turn to right??

  17. Re: Love that wedding dress!!!
    hi triz,
    thanks a lot! :) its from dang bridal! look for daphne or dang herself! they're super nice!

  18. hahahh well you are the DIY queen babe I'll give you that and your mum I still wear my ring that she made for me!! :):))) Well I live in the middle of currently no-where hahah so its a bit difficult to get inspired ;)!! missing you heaps and i will try my very best to be at the melbourne one you have to let me know in advance of the dates!! xxx

  19. definitely! i'll let you know by christmas!
    p.s. all the wedding blogs are from USA! drop me a note and i will forward you all my wedding daily reads! they're awesome!

  20. mine's on 19 dec 09 ;)
    oh you all made them yourselves!! must teach me!!!

  21. I love the yellow theme and Mong's cupcakes are the best!!

  22. thanks! :) yellow is just so un-wedding and happy!!

  23. drop me a mail at tzeying(at)gmail(dot)com? i will write you a tutorial! :)
    hahah can tell im super excited about my crafts!

  24. ok my email addy is i tried writing to your email but it keeps bouncing back no clue why SOOO write me! :) I'm super excited to read these blogs! I worked at a wedding last night it was sooo much fun i was shadowing the planner and helped out! So they are giving me a wedding planner training hopefully after I leave I will be able to apply to a company for a change!! mega hugs xxx

  25. sounds good!! im excited to hear all about it!! im emailing you right now sweetie !:)

  26. hey zhiying! i saw your wedding pix on Valska's website... Congrats! love the yellow theme and it's such a beautiful party!!

  27. Hello Zhing! Congrats on tying the knot! I saw ur photos at Valska's site and i must say i love your wedding very much. It's so nicely put together, even all the small details too! And i absolutely love love love ur wedding dress!
    Gonna add you to my friend list. I hope you don't mind. Hehehe ;]

  28. hi wwezz! :) thanks for popping by and for your kind words. we're so flattered someone else think our wedding is cool. (cos we thought it was the bomb!)
    sure add away! i'll add you too! :)

  29. I found the charms! :) Bought one each for my bridesmaids too... now to figure out how to attach them nicely to the bouquets. Any hints/tips? Looks like it's just thread through with ribbon or sew(?) it on?

  30. yes indeed, i used a needle and thread to attach it to the ready made bow. i find that this is easier because the flowers are done fresh and its easier to attach a ready made bow to the handle than to be holding a needle and thread on your wedding day! :)
    please take pictures!! :)

  31. Hi! I chanced upon your blog (linked over from sg weddings) and i love those flower pompoms!
    I've been trying to find them in sg but to no avail. Could you write me a tutorial too? I would appreciate it so much! Even better if there are places that sell them, i would just buy them ready-made as i'm outta time!
    My solemnisation is on 29 march 2010. =) It's a poolside party and my color palette - yellow, orange, peach.
    Would really appreciate if you could get back to me. I'd be soooo grateful!

  32. hi love! :) congrats on your wedding! actually you can buy them direct from papermarket at raffles city b1. i wrote an article on it once! :)
    i believe they have a pack with your colours. or etsy will sell them ready made (and much nicer than mine!) search under "pomander" in etsy!
    good luck! :)

  33. Oh, i didn't see the article! Okay i'll check it out! ;) Thanks!!!

  34. its ok!! :) no worries!! happy searching! :)


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