Tuesday, July 26, 2011

things i love:: noodles & oodles of fabric

two things that makes my heart flutter:: shoes and fabric. 

in both cases, they work magic in mind. i start seeing cute outfits, fun weekend dates, swishy dresses... all those good gooey creativity, utmost love from my heart and cosmic power combine and the next thing i know, BAM! im spending half my inheritance on one single pair of jawdroppingly gorgeous heels. and the other half on bales of lovely cloth. 


here are a few prints i've been crazy about for a while! :)


oooooo im all warm and squishy inside just talking about it!! :)

so now im curious to find out, darlings...
what makes your heart skip a beat!?



  1. I think I saw the last two prints at the store I was telling you about!! But the first one is soooo cute. I've always loved fabrics too but unlike you, I don't exactly know what to do with them. :(

  2. @Yi Lian

    pillows right? you wanted to make pillows!!! :) xx

  3. I do! But how many cushions can one have?!?! Hahahahaha

  4. @Yi Lian

    never too many! :) hahah!!!

    i guess time to start making fabric jewellery!! xx

    p.s. i wanna see your new things! i wore your bracelet to class the other day and received "kawaiiii" from my students! :)

  5. Love the pinwheel/windmill print! And the last one - cath kidson?

  6. @Andrea

    Yes!! Cath kidston has really cute fabric!! Even the children ones are adorable!!

  7. @kennytricia where the alligator is from - spoon flower, there are a tone of really cute prints... Ones that I totally wanna wear or live in!! You should check them out!!!


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