Wednesday, July 27, 2011

looks like a flower but stinks like a (smelly) bee...

daniel wakes up real early. i don't see much of it but he has his little morning routine reading the papers, checking emails, having his coffee and toast, quietly dressing in the dark (bless his heart...) and spend some cuddling time with the muu.

this morning i woke up bleary-eyed and heard them in the living room sharing a giggle and a chat. 
"phew! muu!! are you even ALLOWED to smell like this??" lol.

awww... my poor muffinbear.
maybe time for a soapy bath??



  1. I melt at the sight of that face. Too cute!

  2. @Mo

    he's a munchkin but he smells so bad its not funny anymore!! haha...

  3. "But mum, it's summertime! Not my fault!!!" I imagine muu saying...

  4. @Yi Lian

    hahaha!!! totally...

    he's due for a haircut but i like him fuzzy!!!

  5. No... no haircut... i love fuzzy muu muu!

  6. @kennytricia I know right?? But Daniel gave me until this weekend then muu is getting a trim. He's so fuzzy he is not sleeping well cos it's too warm... Poor bub!!!


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