Wednesday, July 27, 2011

crafts:: little girl's reversible dress

i made my first little dress from smashed peas and carrot for ickleoriental's little bub. 
 can i just add that little girls are soooooo much fun! the crafting ideas out there are endless.. and the fabric choices are infinitely cuter!!

 i pray that everyone starts popping girlies around me!
then i get to play dress up with all of them...
(sorry mum. maternal instincts still zero.)

i picked a less conventional blue because little nae's mummy is not quite the glittery pink and fluffy tutu-skirt kinda gal. so i thought i'd down a pink a notch! :)

i picked up the crabby prints waiting for a special project to work on. 
and on the other side, i chose blue polka dots. 
and a helped pick out all the cutie buttons when she was in town! 

using coordinating scraps and made two headbands to go with the dress. (i absolutely love little girls in head bands!!) i figured it would go pretty with the dress and if she hated it, it could be used for her adorable rosco and sally... so all three sibling can be matchy matchy! :)

as i was making them, i had the sweetest images in mind.
but this beats all of them hands down...

{picture from nae's mom}

oh my heart.
how adorable is she?? 
little grey polka dotted romper & sheets are perfection... 

overdose of cuteness... 



  1. omigosh adorable!! I'm totally dressing up my future hypothetical daughters in your creations. :)

  2. oh my gawd, sooo cuteeeee!

    you should start selling them too! gonna be a hit ;)

  3. @Mo & ladytricia

    thanks ladies.. unfortunately its still a little roomie for her. but i can't wait to see her in it!! :)

    best craft ever! :)

  4. I'm sorry she can't wear the dress yet - Can't wait tho. I love it!!!! And thank you for noting that I'm not the frilly tutu type of mum! =P

  5. sooo cute!! I'm sure the lil one would look adorable in it!! xx

  6. That dress is adoreable - I love the cross over back. Hope all your friends have baby girls! xxx

  7. It's super Cute! Kids grow up real fast she'll fit into it in no time! =) I really love every single one of your crafts! Babe, you are missed!

  8. Wow you are super crafty. I always see these tutorial books at Joann's Arts and Crafts but would never consider trying it. Maybe I will now because this looks fun. Thanks for sharing!


  9. @Janice thanks for sending the picture and the card!! She makes my day!!

    Can't wait till she does her first kiddy tri!! Xx

  10. @Pamz TT the funniest thing is when I was making it, it said size 6-12 mo and I was thinking there's no way girls come sooooo tiny!!

    Next thing I knew it's too big! If not fit the length, A looked like she could pull it off ( as a too of course...)

  11. @Mrs. Exeter me too!!! Fingers crossed!! They're so much fun to dress up with!! Fairies, flowers, little pets... Sigh...

  12. @Yingjie they really do!! Nae already looks different from that picture!!

    Maybe time to line up my next craft!! ;)

  13. @Jackie H. this one is super easy and the tute from smashed carrots and peas is very well written!!


  14. Once again. You are brilliant! I wish I had your dexterity with he sewing machine!


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