Monday, July 25, 2011

things i love:: the clarisonic mia

i get really lazy with my skincare... the cleanser, toner, spritzer, essense, moisturizer, sunblock and thats all before you start putting on your make up!! 

in recent months, i've been starting to feel like i need to start investing a little bit more on my face!! (read:: old age)
so i started reading up a little on products that made a difference. 
and picked up one of these babies.

its kinda cute and tiny. fits in your palm
so much fun to use!
you can immediately feel your skin baby-soft! 
i love it!!! i keep touching my face which im sure is not a good thing anyway!!

the sales lady was talking about the benefits of using the clarasonic "smaller pores, cleaner face, improved skin texture, less wrinkles, world peace and a closer shave." 
and the boy was all SOLD. 
(great job, lady!)

are you guys using clarisonic too? do you love it too? 



  1. No, but I've been thinking about buying one these. Old age indeed! :-)

  2. @Generic Jen B

    try it at the store and get it! :)

    we were worried it doesn't work so got the travel size cos its smaller and cheaper. but its great!!! now we're thinking to get the proper version! :)

  3. I have the mia too! Love it!!! It really cleanses very well... I think it improved my skin tremendously. Fewer clogged pores that's for sure....but I think it's not as magical as what some people claim it to a pore minimizer etc...

    Apparently the mia is better than the original. you should check out the makeup alley reviews....some people bought the original but dumped it for the mia.

  4. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    maybe cos your pore are tiny already!! but they worked great on the husband as a pore minimizer!! (like magic!!)

    ooooo... i thought the original would work better on my dark spots! i guess i'll do some more reading!! :)

    but yayy for good buys!

  5. i love my clarisonic too!! heehee, if i have the money to splurge on one beauty item, it will always be this baby ;)

  6. @ladytricia have you tried the original clarisonic??? I'm thinking to get it as a home set and use the Mia for travel....

  7. well Adelin was RAVING about it when she was back late last night and told us it pretty much changed her life! been thinking of getting one but i think i've been blessed with pretty good skin so I'm holding out...

  8. @Tricia

    my skin has been acting up. maybe the summer sun or my old age! you're still younger than i am remember!? xx

  9. hi honey, nope, i have not tried the classic one, been contemplating too :P

  10. @ladytricia

    ill let you know how it goes if i get to it! unfortunately it'll have to wait until our next usa trip!! they don't sell it here in japan!

  11. I'm getting it just from reading your entry and the comments here!!! How much did you pay for it? I'm gonna try looking for it in Sephora...

  12. @Yi Lian

    i think i paid $125 USD! :) i got the mia (travel version)!! xx

  13. hee, you can try ordering from this website...

    it's pretty reasonable with the additional 20% off! ;)

  14. i always thought these things are a little harsh for the skin... no?

  15. @kennytricia I've sensitive skin but it seems to be ok for me... I used the sensitive brush though so that might help.

    The movement is not like an electric tooth brush it's gentler but I've read that it's not for everyone some people broke out after using it...

  16. This is by far one of the great cleansing brush. I'm using it for half a year now and it keeps my face well exfoliated, pores minimized and product absorption is faster than before. Plus, i like how light mia is and easy to bring around.

  17. @Wenz

    cool beans! :) im so surprised that so many of you are using it already! i feel like a dinosaur!! xx

  18. Hi Zhing! We're so happy that you're loving your Clarisonic Mia. Keep us posted on your long-term results! Happy cleansing!


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