Sunday, July 24, 2011

eats:: marukame udon in waikiki

cos its totally legit to come from the land of japanese food & feel like eating something japanese...
marukame was an easy walk from our hotel.
& my brother are such huge fan...

feels a little like home...
the restaurant is self-serve and extremely fast moving. its popular for its cheap and cheery udon. on a regular day, you'd definitely see a queue snaking outside..
but first you pick your favorite style of udon: i chose the kake udon in hot broth with a little scallion & little crispy bits. ultimate comfort food.
then you hit the tempura bar with delicious options and pick your favorite nibbles..

my picks with an extra tamago (egg) on the side.

me and my peeps! :) 
it was a fun and satisfying dinner and the quality was not too shabby for the price! we'll definitely be back next year when we miss a little bit of japan.



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