Friday, July 1, 2011

a surprise a day...

last night, i was having a discussion with my student on how to keep his marriage romantic (english classes are boring? nah.... ) and it got me thinking. what do you to keep things romantic at home!?

around here, we do silly things like leaving little love-notes around the house. sometimes when im extra special, it comes with a little gift too! i know its cheesy but it makes waking up so much fun! i try to surprise him with little bento snacks that he can munch on while working. once, i hid a little red paper heart rolled in his socks so he'd see it before leaving for work and found it tucked under my ring when i woke up. that made me smile a little too! it's all in the small things!!

im loving this idea from oh happy day. its such a simple diy project but won't it be so much fun? it would be like christmas morning everyday of the week!

it doesn't have to be expensive ideas at all. and best part is, you can pool your resources and ask friends and family to chip in ideas and treats!

doesn't a strawberry lemonade sound fantastic?

here are some cute ideas::
a home-cooked dinner with a beautifully set table
a long walk
polaroids in the park
surprise weekend getaway
a lovely note from mum
dibs on the massage chair (hah!)

what romantic tricks do you have up your sleeves!? i would love to hear!



  1. shawn dropped earrings in my bag and i'll only see them when i repack my bag. loved that.


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