Friday, July 1, 2011

crafts:: diy fabric bag from scarf

this is a second take on the scarf/fabric bag i posted here. taken from the hermes knotting card (which you get with their scarves.. its also for sale on ebay) there are a tonne of ideas on how to wear your scarf but this one is the maxi sac. if you don't own a scarf, use a 90 x 90 cm fabric.

it's slightly roomy and slouchy. and best part is.... its easy peasy to make! perfect for a day on the beach!

if you ride a bike like i do, sling bags are great! :) 
here's the how-to...

first, fold into half.

knot the top tips together.

see the ends of the knot, pull it sideways to meet the longer tips.

grab the four corners and tie together firmly.

and there you have it! how fast was that, right? you can pin on a little bloom as an embellishment or wear it as it is!!

thanks to thebokeeffect for helping with the tutorial! don't you love the stripes on stripes!! such an adorable combination.

enjoy your easy weekend bag!!



  1. Hahahahaa, in the second photo you looked like quite the gymnast, twisting into such weird angles!!! *applaud*

  2. Hi,

    I happen to stumble upon your blog. I love your creativity! It’s amazing how something simple could look so great and yet be functional too. I also saw the previous post on the DIY fabric bags. I’m definitely saving your links under my favourites and I’ll be back frequently.

  3. @Jo

    hi jo,

    thanks for visiting! i'll be sharing a few more fabric bag ideas! :)


  4. wow is it really as roomy as it looks in the 2nd picture? i must try it out for myself!


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