Thursday, June 30, 2011

in japan:: shopping bags in the rain

the japanese do great in rainy season! they have the absolute cutest selection of capes, raincoat and pretty umbrellas. it also helps that brolly sleeves are provided in everywhere you go. so, you don't worry about slippery floors that much!

but one of the things i really love is how they slip another protective plastic over your shopping bag so it doesn't get drenched in the rain. not very environmentally friendly but keeps your shopping dry as a bone!

and how do the salespeople working in department stores (with no windows) know if it's raining? the stores play an instrumental version of "raindrops keep falling on my head" over the intercom which gives everyone an indication! so if you're shopping indoors and hear that song, you'll know what that means! :) quite brilliant, isn't it? 

japan's attention to detail bowls me over all the time!



  1. That's so clever - its good for the customer too. If you hear the song you can just stay in the shop! Great picture. xxx


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